El Rodizio Grill

in Antwerp

The grill restaurant El Rodizio.
Who is not captivated by authentic barbecue and the taste of charcoal in meat? Impatiently, we always look forward to the small number of summer days to get the BBQ out of the shed. After a long winter’s hibernation, getting the fire lit again is a real challenge at first. This of course excludes those who do not have an outdoor space… With us, no one needs to feel inhibited!

“The love at the grill is the smile at the table.”

We prepare our meat, fish and vegetables for you on the charcoal grill all year round. For big eaters, moreover, we have a little more in store:
you eat until you have enough
. Finally, you indicate whether you want to take a break.

We are not pioneers, but we have noticed that this concept has been very much in demand. A real challenge is to use this to reach a wider audience and even go international.


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